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Unit 3. Little Fountain Street. Morley. Leeds. LS27 9EN
Tel. 0113 2525517 ---  Fax. 0113 2525517

Primarily supplying change machines and Token machines to the United Kingdom we have further units operating in Western Europe and the Middle East.

Our change machines accept Notes and Coins in a variety of currencies. predominately Sterling, Euro, Irish and Scottish notes.

Our machines are extremely reliable and are designed to change Notes or Coins, or both Notes and Coins to Coins, Tokens , Notes, Tickets

to Customer requirements.

Cabinets are available in a variety of colours.

They are designed for

Floor Standing, Wall Mounting,

Kiosk desktop,

Positioning between gaming machines

Such as Pacman ball

and weatherproof for outside rides.

This year we are featuring our NEW

high speed pay changer

Machines Wall Mount Machines Wall Mount
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